The Island of Calypso

Lying virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean is the Maltese archipelago, the perfect backdrop for your memorable destination wedding.  It may be hard to imagine that these islands covering just over 300km² in land, and with a total population of 400,000, can offer so many cultural, natural and artistic treasures. Blessed with a mild climate and set in crystal waters, it is no wonder that the Maltese Islands have been dubbed as the Mediterrenean’s best kept secret.
Visitors are taken in by Gozo’s – Malta’s sister island – more leisurely rhythm and rural landscape.  Gozo is famous for its picturesque scenery, untouched coastline and country trails. Its culture and way of life are rooted in tradition and yet open to the present.

This Mediterrenean island is renowned for the sun and the sea.  The sun lights up every lane and alley, even during the winter months.  This is reflected in the warm character of the Maltese people, and the traditional hospitality they are known for.  The many civilisations that have gone through Malta for the past 7,000 years have left an edible mark on the islands.  The island’s architectural heritage will present an impressive backdrop to your wedding, starting from the megalithic temples – the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Gozo is not short of churches either – whether it is a baroque, neo-gothic or quaint medieval chapel that you are after.

All this coupled with the convenient flight connections to the rest of the world, and the minimum of red tape for getting married, makes Gozo a haven for your destination wedding.