Hello lovelies!

Hope that you had an inspiring weekend. Talking of inspiring, last week I stumbled across the blog A Cup of Thuy. Thuy has some pretty DIY projects that are doable as well (which is not always the case with tutorials!). So I couldn’t help myself but show you one of her projects today – a Date Jar.

Besides being pretty, I find the idea of doing a date jar very intriguing. Personally, ideas about fun things to do with my hubby always pop up randomly. And then, I always forget what I had thought of when we have some free time. Having a Date Jar means that I would not forget what I had thought of. It would also encourage us to find more time to spend with each other.

So will you be joining me in doing this? All you have to do is head over to A Cup of Thuy and follow Thuy’s instructions.

Elaine x